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Do more with your switches with the Smart Hub!

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Do more with the Smart Hub

A powerful 3-in-1 digital switch interface.

 Smart Hub

By connecting standard 3.5mm switches to the Smart Hub, users can control any switch adapted or Bluetooth enabled devices. Switches can also act as a keyboard interface, latch & timer, and message communicator all in one.

Switch Stream App

Users can configure switches, set up switch activities and record messages all through the easy-to-use Switch Stream app.

Switch Analytics

Gain insights about switch use such as number of activations and activation length in order to gauge switch effectiveness.

How it works

1. Connect your switch 

Connect up to 4 standard assistive switches to the Hub or pair Bluetooth & wireless switches. 

2. Download app

Download the app to configure switch settings. Features include latch & timer modes, keypress & mouse control, and voice recording & playback.

3. Control your devices!

Easily control multiple devices like tablets, laptops, switch adapted toys and more! 

Stay in the loop

We believe assistive technology should be affordable for everyone. Our mission is to make high-tech, affordable devices that help disabled individuals connect to and use technology.

Switch Steam's Smart Hub is currently in beta. Sign up to be notified when Switch Stream is available.

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